Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday fish in Fiji

I am a little late on this post because of computer problems. Now that those are fixed I can share our last trip out.
I took three friends out for a Sunday fish. The weather was frightful to say the least. Blowing 20-25 knots and threatening rain.
Since I am getting used to fishing in that kind of weather it is no big deal.
First one on board with a nice Bluefin Trevally was Paul.

Next up was John, he and I share the retail store space. He catches a little Bluefin also.

Then Vinod lands a nice GT.

At this point Paul's arms are getting tired from casting a 50lb rod and a big River2Sea dumbell popper. So he gives me a try while he drives the boat. I soon hook up to a nice GT and boat it for a quick photo session.

That was enough for me and I give the rod back to paul who then catches a big Long Tom.

All in all we landed 5 fish and dropped 5. Not bad considering these guys are beginners and the weather was crap.
Until next time.
Tight lines


mizlan said...

Bravo! are King of G.T !

Shoreman said...

You know, the Internet is a real interesting thing. Here we have your post dated Monday November
9th and here I am reading it on Sunday November 8th. Some days I miss those warm saltwater fishing days. Good job on all your catches.


Jose Valle said...

Felicitaciones, buenas capturas...
Un saludo.

hector200 said...

Mi amigo felicidades nice Fish.

BassFishingDem said...

I love how on any given day, you can catch a variety of fish. I can't even imagine what open water is like with that kind of weather. I've sworn off fishing on days when wind makes it too rough to navigate safely.

I'm sure that as beginners those guys had a great time. I bet they can't wait to head out again.