Thursday, July 30, 2009

After Noon Quickie

We have been working on opening up a fishing tackle store here in Fiji. Boy is it a heck of a lot of work and the doors are not even open yet. We found a shop that is in a good location and a good price and split the space with a friend named John. He will be opening a meat and specialty food shop. We are calling it "Pacific Harbour Fishing Tackle and Meats".
The other day we were inside painting and cleaning up the pig stye that the previous tenants left and finished up around noon. The weather looked ok and I said to my partners in crime, "why don't we go for a fish?" Of course there was a resounding, "sure what time?" To which I replied, "let's go home grab the gear and go." So we did.
I always leave the boat ready to go. It is cleaned fueled and watered. That way all I have to do is jump in and turn the key and go fish.
It is now just after noon and as we leave the shelter of the break wall it becomes obvious that the wind has picked up out of the SW and there is a rain squall coming our way. We put the hammer down and pound our way out across the channel to Beqa Lagoon.
Soon the clouds part and the sun comes out, although we are still contending with a 15-20 knot SW wind, it turns into a beauty of an afternoon.
Ok I need to back up a bit here and tell you that John has been out with us before but the weather has always been crap and he has declined to try popper fishing with the boat pitching in all directions. Not that I blame him. So this time it is just John, Rosie and myself out and John is at the rear with Rosie out front. After a few quick casting lessons John is popping like a pro.
Not long after we start really fishing, Rosie gets smashed by a beauty of a Long Nose Emperor. These fish fight like Mack trucks. They hit the lure and head straight for any structure they can find. and with a big fat tail propelling them they can move. After a good tussle Rosie brings it to the boat so it can have it's picture taken.
From XstreemFishingCom
I instructed John on the fact that most, if not all first time poppers don't catch anything. It is just part of the learning curve. So to avoid disappointment I told him not to expect much in the way of fish but to practice and have fun.
Much to my and his surprise his rod suddenly loads up and he is onto a good fish. After a dirty fight with a nasty toothy Bass, John proves triumphant.
From XstreemFishingCom
Things go quiet for awhile after that and we settle into a nice rhythm and everyone gets a bit comfortable. This is not to last.
When you least expect it, I think the saying goes.
Suddenly, Rosie's rod loads up and line starts to peel off. With the drag screaming and me backing out of the reef the fight is on. We know immediately that it is a GT. Nothing fights like them. Deep powerful runs followed by massive head shakes and finally the long haul up with the fish using it's massive girth to fight you all the way to the top.
From XstreemFishingCom
It was like someone told all the fish that it was time to bite. With in a couple of minutes Rosie was on to another GT. A bit smaller but gave a good accounting of itself none the less.
From XstreemFishingCom
Now it was John's turn again. This time he was onto a Long Tom and it put on quite an aerial display. He handled it like a pro.
Then it was back to the Trevally. This time Rosie lands a nice Bluefin Trevally.
From XstreemFishingCom
When the fishing is hot it's really hot and with great water clarity we all got to see the next fish swim up to the lure and nonchalantly take it. Once it had the lure and was heading in the opposite direction the massive GT turned on the after burners. The drag screamed as line melted from the reel. The fight was good and fair. Moving from on top of the reef to deep water followed by great head shakes and the long slug up to the top. Once the GT was in the boat both angler and fish could relax.
From XstreemFishingCom

A few pictures and now its is 4:30 and time to go home.

Tight lines


Shoreman said...

Wow. What a way to spend an afternoon. Good luck with your new tackle shop. Hope is doesn't cut into your afternoon fishing too much. Saw a show on the Discovery Channel about an island out your way where the guys fished for needlefish with spider webs. Something about the fish not being able to bit a lure, so they use the web as a kind of lure. The needlefish just get snagged in the web and are pulled in. The one guy they highlighted had about a dozen in his boat, so it must work pretty well.

hector200 said...

great report, beautiful fish.

saludos y un abrazo mi amigo.

Izzy said...

That last video is awesome -- and that water, whew, it's beautiful!

mizlan said...

my friend...good luck for your new tackles shop