Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fishing to get out of the heat

It has been said, "fishing is a relaxing sport", but this is out of hand.

Granted here in Fiji it is summer time and it is hot. Not just a little hot, but really hot, the kind of hot that makes you move slow. The kind of hot where there is no point drying off after a shower, cause you going to be sweating in two minutes.
I was on the beach when I saw Tavaita sitting in knee deep water fishing. Then the little boy, Paris, shows up and starts splashing around and yelling. Now with all that comotion going on we all know that there is not a fish within 100 meters.
Deterred? Never.
Why? It's too damn hot to care.
Besides, if you are in the water you might as well throw in a line, you never know, you just might catch something.

Tight lines and Stay cool
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Heather said...

That's spot on but it's funny too.

It's cold where I live, it got up to forty Friday and we hightailed it to the local hole as fast as we could!

Vai said...