Friday, September 19, 2008

Fishing the 10% method and Some Unusual Styles

Fishing, a sport that anyone can participate in. Young, old, male female, big, small it makes no difference to the fish. As far as I am concerned fishing is about putting in the hours. Doing the hard time per se. For first timers there is always an element of luck. Especially when they go out and land a huge fish of a lifetime and it was there first time to ever hold a rod. Such is lady luck.
The reality is a lot less glamorous. Fishing for hours on end without a bite. Fishing for hours on end in the rain without a bite. Then there is the fishing for hours on end without a bite while your fishing buddy is landing fish after fish. That’s the hard time.
I think the saying goes 10 percent of the anglers catch 90 percent of the fish. Reason being, the hard time.
People who catch fish regularly work hard for it. They learn to read the water and fish the tides. They are up at the crack of dawn and sometimes before. They never give up. If their favorite lure is not working then they change it and continue to fish the new one with confidence. If the new one is not working then they change again. It’s a never give up attitude that makes up the 10 percent.
There are many different techniques employed to catch fish and of course some of them are not very conventional but I am not judging.

Now this is what I call pushing the never give up attitude to the limit. Unfortunately I don’t think even lady luck will help this one.

This is what I call the scenting your lure technique. You put the lure in you mouth while carefully avoiding the hooks and get you saliva and scent all over the lure. According to some the fish then think they are kissing you instead of biting a hook. Of course it helps if you had sardines for lunch.

There is a not well known method of getting your lure out farther than you can cast. It involves a sea bird and the knowledge of bird whistling. Once mastered you can get your lure out to the fish without having to cast very far. The trick lies with the release from the bird. I am still unsure of this one but I have seen it employed several times.

Then of course there are those that just prefer to be friends with the fish rather than hook them.

This last method of fishing while standing in quick sand is beyond me. Be glad there are no crocodiles

I would like to say thanks to Katie Longo and Billy Longo for letting me use their images. In addition, I would like to give credit to Katie for putting in the hard time; it is starting to pay off for her.

Tight lines and screaming drags


Maalie said...

Wow! What a great blog! Is that bird a Royal Tern? Is is definitely some species of tern.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is the narrative or the photos or both but this post made me laugh.

Random Phrump said...


I browsed through your blog - love the photos and your sense of humour. Hope you don't mind if I add a link to your site. Keep up the fine work!


Steve Dobson said...

The woman is obviously looking for a match to light that unusual looking stogie. Once she gets it going she will go back to fishing.


Lonely Paul said...


mizlan said...

There is no short cut to becoming an expert angler.Methods change constantly and it will be those anglers who adapt with pogress that will ontinue to be expert.

fishing guy said...

FW: Super job of maling this an interesting post. I'm glad you am I are in the 10% that catch 90%. I often use a 20/80 rule to include more of the good fisherman.
It's time to show those big catches again.

H Oh said...

Well put.

Great shots too!

wblmom said...

Very good writing and pictures, I found myself chuckling. Thanks from me as well to Katie and Billy for letting you use their pictures. :)

Robyn said...

I didn't know that fish can smell?? really? I have learned alot from this post today!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving me kind comments about my fight with cancer! YOu are a special soul!

Me! said...

" for hours on end without a bite while your fishing buddy is landing fish after fish."

Boy, this is my biggest frustration sometimes. :-) Your photos are beautiful!

Christopher F Carr said...

Theres something about woman fishing - sort of sexy.

My Fishing Conquests said...

nice pics