Monday, August 4, 2008

Wolf Herring and Trevally

Well the fishing has been a bit slow. I think this is due to the water tempeture being very cool and me not having a motor to troll deep divers. This lack of motor problem is getting to be a pain in the catch rate. Ok, enough complaining and on to the fishing.
Rosie and I headed out the other day for what was promising to be a beautiful day fishing. There was almost no breeze and the sky was cloudless. After almost an hour of fishing and not even a bite our hopes were being dashed. Being the mad anglers we are, we fished on keeping up the chatter to pass the fishless morning.
We were cruising along a nice sandy drop off with a weed bed in the shallows and some coral heads in the deep when a school of Wolf herrings decided to break up our casting practice.
If you have never seen one of these you can count yourself lucky. The Fijians call them belts because they are long and wide but have no thickness to them, like a belt. They are full of bones and have the nastiest set of teeth I have ever seen. With two fangs pointing almost straight out of their mouth and all the rest of the teeth needle sharp, it is handle with care. Their mouths do not open very far so they tend to throw themselves at your lures. I have never caught one in the mouth, always in the body or face. Once hooked they do put up a good fight with light tackle.
After catching a few Wolf herrings the fishing went quiet again. We were back to casting practice.
Maybe an hour or more later Rosie had a Trevally showing a bit of interest in her surface popper. Unfortunately it was not biting just playing. I was throwing a deep diver and asked her if she would mind if I had a cast at her fish, she said go ahead so I did and caught a nice size Trevally. Luckily I asked before I cast otherwise I would be in deep trouble for stealing a fish.
Not long after that we started to have electric motor problems so it was a beeline back to the shore. At least we had dinner and I got a picture for you all to see.

Fast forward three days to today and the weather has turned a little cloudy with sprinkles. Rosie went to town for a few days so I decided to go wading and see what I could catch. It did not take long and I was hooked into a really nice Trevally. With coral all around, this fish had me chest deep in the water. With my drag screaming and line melting away it made four really nice runs before I could get the upper hand. Finally I led it to the shallows and got a hold of its tail. A beauty of a fish tipping the scales at over 3kg and me with no one around but the dog. Sorry for the picture on the grass but I have not trained my dog to take good pictures yet.

Tight lines and screaming drags


Sara G said...

Love this site too!! Awesome looking fish you catch! We mostly catch Crappie and Catfish here. We do go pond fishing sometimes to catch a mess of blue gills. Would be great to catch something like you are catching.

Anonymous said...

How I miss fishing for decent Kingfish! It will be a while before I will get to cast a lure at some tropical fish again.

Anonymous said...

See ya have 5D - awesome - post your pics here sometime?

alicesg said...

Wow fantastic catch. The fishes are huge. My fishes are from the market. :)

fishing guy said...

FW: Now that was funny, if you teach the dog to take photos let me know. Those are some nice fish and I'm sure are good eating. Those flat side fish can really fight.