Sunday, July 27, 2008

A great morning fishing.

The weather has been outstanding finally. Dead calm in the mornings and a little breeze come noon time. This can only mean one thing, time to fish. As we head out on to the water the anticipation of a good day fishing is all we can think of.

Things start out a bit slow, a few looks but nothing in the boat. As we drift over water so clear you feel as though you are floating on air. We can see myriads of small reef fishes and colorful coral.

The first fish comes to the boat in a flurry of splashes and short but strong runs. It is a Bluefin Trevally. Trevally can fight no matter the size. The big ones can dictate the fight and the little one just wont stop, even when in the boat they just jump and thrash around.

The next fish to the boat is a little Mangrove Jack. They can pull like a freight train and never give up.

The next fish is a first for me. It’s a parrot fish and I watched it take the lure right below the boat. Check out that protruding mouth.

Sometimes I wonder what fish are thinking especially the little ones. The lure was almost as big as the fish. The leather jacket has eyes bigger than its stomach.

Finally I pull a nice little Giant Trevally. They are called Giant Trevally because they grow to 50+kg, that’s over 100lb. Let me tell you these fish fight with no holds barred. If you don’t get the upper hand right away then you never will.
Various other fish were caught throughout the morning, including a large Long Tom that ended up with a little bling for his efforts. If the weather holds then we will be back at it. Fingers are crossed.

Tight lines and screaming drags


fishing guy said...

FW: I love your fishing trips and the great variety of species. Those stretched out lips broke me up.

Anonymous said...

Love the feisty Leather Jackets. Nice blogg.

Billy Longo said...

Bula Maga!

Your "letherjacket" looks an awful lot like a juvenile Orange-Lined Triggerfish (Balistapus undulatus). I dove with his larger cousin, the Titan Triggerfish, in Thailand. Moce...

Julie said...

That was is amazing! North Carolina water is the complete opposite!

CT Fishing Reports said...

Those are some beautiful fish, hope I get to fiji some day!