Monday, May 12, 2008

Fishing with visitors

Most people who come and visit us whether from Fiji or from overseas eventually want to try their luck/skill at fishing. Partly because we are right on the water and partly because they end up seeing lots of fish pictures here at home.

That being said we have a visitor staying with us for a week, Rosie’s cousin Helen. She lives in Pacific Harbour, outside of Suva. She has done a little bit of fishing before and of course with in a day she is asking to go fishing.

With the weather being up and down, blowing 30+knots then dead calm we had to jump on any window of opportunity. That window happened to be today at 12 noon, falling tide, no rain partly cloudy and a little breeze out of the NW.

With three anglers in our boat and only 14FT long, things can get interesting even with experienced people. When you throw a beginner in it gets really interesting and a bit dangerous. Being the adventurous type and a bit gullible I said ok, lets go.

With that comment I end up in the middle, Rosie at the rear and Helen in the front. After a bit of instruction and a few close calls with a pair of treble hooks we are off and fishing.

Not more than 10 minutes and I am on to my first fish, a nice perch that was almost lost to a really nice black tip shark. Needless to say the perch did a bit of water skiing and a quick lift into the boat.

I am feeling a bit smug after all of my instructions to our beginner, so it is right back in the water hoping for number two. After another 30 minutes of what I call casting practice and not a bite, it’s time to try another spot.

As we are cruising along using the electric, casts going in all directions and non stop chatter about previous fishing exploits Helen and I hear the unmistakable sound of Rosie’s drag screaming. We retrieve our lines and I get the net ready, stand back and watch the ensuing fight. After a few minutes we see color and soon after a really nice 4.2kg Trevally is in the net.

Now I am not feeling so smug anymore but there is still time for my spectacular come back. A few pictures and we are all back to fishing. Of course there is a giant smile at the back of the boat and now there is chatter about a very recent fish.

Within 5 minutes Helen and I hear that familiar sound of Rosie’s drag screaming. This time it is a much better fish and a really good fight. Lots of hard deep runs and plenty of head shakes. Maybe 5minutes later a 5+kg and very healthy Trevally gets netted and the smile at the back of the boat gets bigger.

With my smugness gone and a few line tangles later Rosie lands a nice little jack and I am at a loss for words. It is time to head back, after all we have been fishing for almost two hours and I can’t take much more of this. I try to tell myself I am just having and off day but this is my third trip in a row with not much to speak of. Such is the life of a fisherman.

Normally we eat our fish whole unless they are very big. This time it is decided that one of the Trevally is going to be filleted so we can have sashimi. If you have never had Trevally sashimi you are missing out.

Clean up you fillet nicely and take one half on one fillet and slice it thinly. Spread out on a cookie sheet and chill in freezer for 1 to 2 hours then serve with wasabi and soy sauce, rice or crackers and don’t forget the beer or in our case a nice vodka on ice. Now you’re living the good life and I almost forgot I didn’t catch it.

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