Sunday, July 22, 2012

Derek and Carly for a day.

This trip has been a year in the making.
Rosie and I had promised Derek and Carly, John's daughter and son in law, that we would take them out fishing when they came back to Fiji. 
They have returned and as our word is good as gold we took them out.
The weather had been great until they arrived from Indiana. Now it is blowing 15-20 knots and very lumpy to say the least. At least the sky is clear and the sun is out.
We met up first thing in the morning and off we go.
First stop is some casting and popping lessons. Once Derek and Carly get the hang of it then it is time for a try at a GT.
Unfortunately the wind was going to play a major role in where we fished. 
We tried spot after spot and had not a single bite. 
We tried poppers, stick baits, big and small. Rosie even had a few casts and so did I. Nothing, not even a look. 
So we move on to jigging. Speed jigging, slow jigging and soft plastics. Still nothing wants to bite. Now the captain is getting a little peeved. I drop a jig down and after a few attempts, finally hook up and immediately give the rod to Derek. One thing with jigging, you never know what you are going to catch. After a good fight Derek has the mystery fish boat side and it turns out to be a nice Bronze Whaler shark. We had a good look and the it bit the hook off. Thank goodness.
We finally jig up a small fish that is suitable for bait, paternoster rigs for everyone. 
Unfortunately the bite just never did turn on. Although a few small grouper were caught, nothing too big. 
We had a Fun day even though the fish were not cooperating. It happens sometimes. 
I have promised to take them out again when they return, fingers crossed we will have better luck.

Derek, John, and Carly

A quick lesson on twisted leaders and knot tying, even though I'll be doing all the tying.

John looking suave.........or is this dejected? 

Carly showing us how it to cast.

Derek is not to be outdone.

The water was beautiful.

Carly's first catch from the deep.

You go girl.

See Derek, this is how you do it.

Derek fighting the Bronze Whaler.

A deep water dip after the shark fight.

Tight Lines