Monday, June 15, 2015

Xstreem Fishing Tackle Store For Sale

I am selling my fishing tackle store as an ongoing business. It is located in the Arts Village, Pacific Harbour, Fiji.
The shop has been operating since 2009.
The sell includes all inventory and fixtures as well as dealerships and contacts.
Please contact me through the comments if you are interested and want more information.

Tight Lines

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Late Afternoon Troll

We had a few hours to kill late in the afternoon and decided we needed to go for a fish.
It was rough as guts and we only got one Spanish Mackerel, but we did get some nice photos.

Wayne with the only fish for the afternoon.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bottom bouncing with Adam and friends

We took Adam and his mates out for a troll and bottom bouncing session. Unfortunately the trolling was not on that day, but the bottom bouncing was.
The guys managed to land some nice fish and quite an assortment.

Adam and a Green Jobfish

Peter hooked up.

Another nice Jobfish

Adam in the throngs and Rosie on the net.

Sundry of little nibbler reef fish.

Double Lined Mackerel

Lyre tail

Small Emperor

Cook it first Peter.

Nice Grouper and a Remora

Beauty of a day.

Really nice Grouper.

A great day on the water. We had a lot of fin and caught some fish too.
Until next time.
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Big Yellowfin Tuna with Colin and Riley

Colin and Riley came into the shop wanting to catch a big fish. It did not matter what kind of fish as long as it was big. 
Rosie and our new captain Paul took them out for a troll and a bit of bottom bouncing.

The trolling started slow with just the two baby Yellowfin tuna's.  

Then the wait for the fish to arrive.

Finally Colin gets hooked up to a nice fish and the fight is on.

After a good long fight a 25 kilo Yellowfin is gaffed into the boat.

Followed the YFT up with a couple of Spanish mackerels.

Time for some bottom bouncing. Nice Goat fish.

A plethora of reef fish were caught on the day.

Now it is Riley's turn for his big fish.

A big grouper and a Big smile to match.

A good time was had by all and we hope to see them back.

Tight Lines

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Charter fishing in Fiji with Derek, Carly, John and Brendan.

No snorkeling today with Derek and Carly, just good old fashioned trolling. 
We got word that the Wahoo and Spanish Mackerel had arrived in Fiji and were on the chew. 
So, with trolling gear in hand and a full tank of gas off we go. 
The weather started a bit iffy but soon the sun was out and the sky cleared up. We had a bit of wind chop all day but nothing we couldn't handle. After all, the trades in Fiji can blow 25 knots for a week straight. 10 to 15 is nothing, just keeps you cool in the sun.

Waiting for the bite.

First on board a Barracuda.

Derek with his first Wahoo still showing its colors.

Carly with her first Spanish Mackerel.

Rosie with a Long Tom.

Brendan with a nice Spanish Mackerel.

John, that's not a guitar.

Only in the tropics.

John with a Bluefin Trevally.

We had a great time with these guys and can't wait for them to come back to Fiji and fish with us.

Until next time
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tropical Fiji Snorkeling

Our first snorkel trip with Derek and Carly from Indiana USA.
They had a great time and the visibility was great. Lots of fish and great visibility.

Coral of all types

Shallow water makes it very safe.

Loads of fish of all types

Nemo makes an appearance

A bit of reef fishing after the snorkel.

Derek with a nice snapper.

A highlight for their trip to Fiji. Derek and Carly have vowed to return and we can't wait to take them out again.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fishing charters in Pacific Harbour, Fiji

We are now running fishing charters out of Pacific Harbour, Fiji. 
Below you will find all of the details and information. 
Should you want to book a charter, please contact us at
info at xstreemfishing dot com

Xstreem Fishing Charters

Reef fishing using jigs, soft plastics and/or bait for Grouper, Emperors, Trevally and snapper.

Light popping for Bluefin Trevally, Emperors, and assorted top water predators.

Heavy popping for GT’s.

Trolling for gamefish like Tuna, Wahoo, Spanish Mackerel, Mahimahi and assorted predators.

Your fishing charter includes all needed fishing gear, bottled water and soft drinks. Pick up and drop off from you Pacific Harbour Resort. 

What you will need to bring, snacks and lunch, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses and your sense of adventure and fun.

The boat for the day is a custom built 28’ center console powered by a Yamaha 225 4stroke. Fully surveyed and Fiji registered. It is equipped with safety and emergency equipment. A VHF radio and cell phones in water proof cases.

Any fish caught on the charters will be the property of the boat, guests are welcome to take back what they themselves can eat for dinner. The crew will fillet the fish for the guest after the charter if requested.

Giant Trevally (GT’s) will all be released.
Maori Wrasse will all be released.

Xstreem Fishing reserves the right to amend prices, apply additional fuel surcharges, cancel departures and arrange alternative charter vessels if necessary.   

Your safety and health is our priority, therefore charters may be rescheduled if conditions are not suitable. Xstreem Fishing reserves the right to cancel or amend any charter due to dangerous weather or ocean conditions. If the charter is to be cancelled, the trip will be rescheduled for another day. 

Cancelations must be made more than 24 hours prior to the charter’s departure. A cancelation fee of 10% will be charged on cancelations made more than 24hours before departure. Cancelations within 24 hrs of charter or failure to show on the day of charter will be charged 100% cancelation fee and will not be refunded or re-booked.

Charter price
$1200.00 FJD per day (8 hours) 
$700.00 FJD per half day (4 hours)

A max of 4 people for trolling and reef fishing and a max of 3 people for popping. 

Transportation from hotels outside of Pacific Harbour is not included. Transfers can be arranged for you by us or you are welcome to find you own.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Battle of the Triggerfish

I had a gut feeling that the fishing would not be good, but we wanted to go out anyway. 
The weather was very calm and the sea followed suit. The air was thick with humidity and no breeze to speak of. 
We set out, Rosie, Brendan, Paul and myself, in hopes of catching something.
Things started out really slow. Not even the bait fish were biting, but persistence paid off and a few small fish were landed. They were to be used as bait (poor buggers). 
We continued fishing with little success and much sweatiness. 
As the day progressed our catch did not.
At one point I was jigging a soft plastic when I felt what appeared to be a bite, I set the hook and prepared for a fight. Alas I was hooked to the fishes house, snagged, caught the bottom. During my zealousness to free my lure there was an unmistakable cracking sound. Yep I broke my favorite jigging rod. For those of you who have never broken a graphite rod, the crack is memorable not to mention gut wrenching. 
As the top half of my rod slipped away down the line and into the blue abyss, my heart sank with it. 
After many expletive's, I realized my line was loose. Go figure, after all that it could have had the decency to stay snagged. 
As  I reeled it up I noticed that it was a bit heavy, too heavy for my jig. Low and behold there was a fish on the end and it was...........a Leather Jacket, aka Clown Triggerfish.
Well, you have to laugh at times like this, of course that is after you cry. Nothing I can do about it now and there was still some fishing to do.
We fished on for another couple of hours to no real avail. 
I new it was not going to be a great day of fishing, but still better than work.

The start of the day.

Intense rigging going on here.

Before the brake.

The Brake

The Clown.

Little bastard.

Consolation prize, Bluefin Trevally.

Beautiful but hot.

Paul getting it done.

Until next time.

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